Old Halls Creek Road Wyndham WA

The Old Halls Creek Road is approximately 13km of unmaintained track, it was built in about 1894 during the gold rush. It replaced the track from Wyndham to Halls Creek and the pavers that are still visible today on parts of the road were hand laid by convicts. This track is definitely only 4WD but…

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Parry Creek Road Upgrades and Sightseeing along the way

  The recent upgrade of the Parry Creek Road will ensure a comfortable drive to the sights along the way; taking you via Spring Creek,  Mamby Island Boat Ramp, Blackrock Pool, Middle Springs and Valentine Springs, the road also accesses Ivanhoe Crossing a Kimberley Icon (always check with the http://www.swek.wa.gov.au/ if the crossing is open)  and  then…

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The Water Python or Yellow Bellied Python has captured a Magpie Lark!

Water Python (Liasis fuscus) also Known as the Yellow-Bellied Python

The Water Python or Yellow-Bellied Python has captured a Magpie Lark! The pythons are found here in The Kimberely and althought many think they are the Olive Python, the water python’s scales are an iridescent dark grey colour which reflects the colours of the rainbow.     An aboriginal myth tells the story of the…

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Trying to Sleep – the Barking Owl (Ninox connivens)

This beautiful Barking Owl was trying to have a sleep in one of our tree’s next to the Lagoon.  At Parry’s last year we had a pair raise their young in the huge Mango tree that is next to the Accommodation Rooms.  What a treat for us that got to see that! Although fairly common…

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Morning Bath Time

Little Corella's enjoy bathtime at Parry Creek Farm

The Little Corella (Cactua sanguinea), a common sight here at Parry Creek Farm.  

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Accommodation Parry Creek Farm Wyndham East Kimberley

Enjoy a peaceful stay at Parry Creek Farm away from the rush and bustle of town life, listen to the evening birdsong. Early morning wake up with the birds. Parry Creek Farm is the closest accommodation to the northern end of the Gibb River Road, and we are popular with bird watchers and photographers, relax…

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