The Dry season for 2019 has started, the early travellers and benefiting from the dry wet season and are able to access places they would not normally get to at this time of the year. Recommendations are when you are staying at Parry Creek Farm Tourist Resort and Caravan Park, Telegraph Hill, Marlglu Billabong and Bird Hide, Spring Creek is flowing well and is stunning (4WD only access) Five Rivers Lookout (Bastion) is always well worth looking at, it is always a stunning view, Wyndham town is full of history, the Museum is informative about the history of the town and area. The King River Road takes you to the Aboriginal Cave paintings (lots of rock pigeons there as well), the prison boab tree and Moochalabra Dam, this road also accesses the Karunjie Track, which is a old stock route and also Diggers Rest Station where you can camp/ stay in a cabin and go horse riding, The Old Halls Creek Road starts at Parry’s and  exits just before The Grotto, so there is always lots to do and see, we are also a easy day trip from Elquestro and Emma Gorge.  Our Fully licenced Restaurant is open all day 7 days a week with home cooked meals and coffee and cakes.