Olive Python gives us a surprise!

On Monday 20th of May 2019 a 3.5metre Olive Python was found in the carport here at the residential house on Parry Creek Farm.  We try and not relocate any snake from the property but in some cases the we have to and this was one of them.  What started out as a typical relocation turned into a once in a life time event, experiencing nature and its wonders.

Olive Python

This python sure has a full stomach


We regularly have large pythons that come into our chook pen to eat the eggs or the chooks! The one we found at the house had certainly eaten something, but it wasn’t one of the chickens!

Fully belly python

Bagged python with full belly

Pythons after a big meal can be sluggish and unable to move very quickly; our concern was it’s safety from cars, caravans and humans. As we are now into the Dry Season and open for business, the decision was made to bag him up and relocate it to a safe area.

Olive Python

Olive python starts to regurgitate


New managers Kurt Jongedyk and his wife Amanda drive a few klm’s down the road to Marlgu Billabong and released the python; as they walked away they notice the python started to bend and move strangely – it had started to regurgitate its lunch!

There had been thoughts it had eaten a goanna but as the first part started to come out it looked like a black whip snake.  In under a minute Kurt and Amanda saw the most amazing and astonishing sight!

The 3.5 metre olive python had regurgitated another Olive Python approx. the same size as it’s self!


Olive PythonOlive Python



Luckily only 3 days prior Amanda had bought a new camera and had it with her.  She was able to capture the whole process on film. To view all of the photos in sequence click here to view our Olive Python Album.

Since posting the photos on our Facebook Page  the photos have gone viral, reaching all over Australia, the USA, NZ and UK.

The story and information has become confused but here is a link to an interview with Kurt on the Mornings with Gareth Parker – Radio


Olive Python