The Old Halls Creek Road is approximately 13km of unmaintained track, it was built in about 1894 during the gold rush. It replaced the track from Wyndham to Halls Creek and the pavers that are still visible today on parts of the road were hand laid by convicts.

Old Halls Creek Road, Wyndham WA

Old Halls Creek road, hand laid pavers from the gold rush era.

This track is definitely only 4WD but takes you on a journey through history over many creek crossings, spectacular scenery passing Mugs Lagoon and Croc Hole, both famous for the big crocs that reside there all year round.

During the gold rush days there was a market garden maintained by a family close to Mugs Lagoon. You can start your adventure at Parry Creek Farm, the Old Halls Creek Road comes out on the Great Northern Highway on the Wyndham side of the Grotto. This Road is closed in the wet season and we advise that you check with our friendly staff on the condition of the road before proceeding in the early months of the dry season.